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Late Agenda

Ordinary Council Meeting

18 August 2022


Council commence consideration of all other business at 7.00 pm.




Ordinary Council 18 August 2022



Mayoral Minutes


1        Mayoral Minute - Section 7.11 Works Schedule......................................... 3




Ordinary Council Meeting 18 August 2022

Mayoral Minute - Section 7.11 Works Schedule



Subject:          Mayoral Minute - Section 7.11 Works Schedule    

Record No:    SU3482 - 47033/22

Division:         Lane Cove Council

Author(s):      Councillor Andrew Zbik 





Lane Cove Council adopted the current ‘Section 94 Works Schedule 2013 (TRIM Ref: 39705/12)’ in 2013. A new revised works schedule would be referred at the ‘Section 7.11 Works Schedule’


The Section 7.11 Works Schedule outlines a list of capital projects that Council has identified are required to meet the demands of an increasing population. Section 7.11 contributions received from the construction of predominately new medium-density and high-density dwellings in the Lane Cove LGA provides the source of funds that enable the works schedule to be delivered.


Over the last decade, most of the works schedule has been delivered. (Shown at AT-1) and some projects have been funded (or partially funded) by alternate funding methods such as grants and   Voluntary Planning Agreements.


The intent of this Mayoral Minute is to commence a review of the existing work schedule and to make any amendments that are required to meet the current and future needs of our community.




That Council:


1.   Conduct a review of the existing Section 7.11 works schedule;

2.   Consider the addition of the below projects to the works schedule;

a.   Contribution towards a Performing Arts Facility;

b.   Contribution towards the Lane Cove Bicycle Plan; and

c.   Contribution towards the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan.

3.   Schedule a workshop with Councillors to discuss the operation of the works schedule and to consider other amendments to the works schedule; and

4.   Prepare a report for consideration at a future Ordinary Council Meeting with a revised draft work schedule for consideration prior to public exhibition.






Councillor Andrew Zbik




AT‑1 View

Lane Cove S94 CP 2013 schedule


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